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Our reliable and robust social network allows the seamless transfer of cryptocoins within no time! Your investment can grow up to 200% within the next 6 months of Pre-ICO & ICO sales. Our technological environment offers new purchasing possibilities in the quickest manner possible.
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${{stechPrices.usd}} USD = 1 STECH

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From concept to implementation

Ideation and Conceptualization
OCT 2017

  • Concept development
  • Research
  • Domain name registered

Project Announcement
NOV 2017

  • Business documentation
  • Platform development
  • Pilot team creation
  • Community development

Pre ICO Booking Starts : Phase I
DEC 2017

  • Commencement of Pre-ICO registration
  • Target amount – USD 1 million
  • 1 STECH = USD 1

Pre ICO Booking : Phase II
JAN 2018

  • The next phase of Pre-ICO will endeavor to achieve USD 1.5 million in sales
  • 1 STECH = USD 1.5

Pre ICO Booking : Phase III
FEB 2018

  • The third phase of Pre-ICO will endeavor to achieve USD 3 million in sales
  • 1 STECH = USD 2

ICO Launch : Phase I
MARCH 2018

  • Mining will commence
  • Marketing activities will be kick started
  • Crowd sale process will begin
  • 20 lac STECH Coins will be distributed
  • 1 STECH = USD 2.5

ICO Sale : Phase II
APRIL 2018

  • Marketing activities will be stepped up.
  • Lending platform will be released.
  • 25 lac STECH coins will be distributed
  • 1 STECH = USD 3

MAY 2018

  • STECH Coins will be listed on multiple exchanges.
  • 1 STECH = USD 3.5

STECH Features STECH is an agriculture based cryptocurrency that focuses on the Organic and Ayurvedic spectrum

Virtual Banking

The future is undoubtedly virtual, including banking! Join the elite group of people around the world benefiting from Virtual Banking – the next-generation financial revolution.

Digital Cash

You can make spot payments using STECH Coins for transactions on any platform. Instant and Secure!

Instant Payment

We value your time. Transact using STECH Coins and get a confirmation with a fraction of a second!

Secure Transaction

Cryptocurrencies require the highest level of security. All transactions are confirmed by our mining serves, which have been trusted and acclaimed across the globe.

Low Transaction Fee

Tired of paying an ‘arm and leg’ as transaction fees?
Not anymore. Invest with us and benefit from the incredibly low transaction fees.

Decentalized Technology

Away from the hassle of depending on third party servers, we deploy decentralized blockchain transaction technology to make every transaction seamless.

Trustworthy And Reliable

We are your partners in trade and any assets inputted by you in the trade are used to encourage exchanging through your account itself.

Super Sonic

We have a dual blockchain system which allows for lightning quick withdrawals with minimal confirmation requirements for low amounts

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10lac STECH coins for pre-ico distribution

STECHin numbers
$ 1.5million investment target for soft launch
100% growth at ico launch
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