About Us

What are STECH Coins?

STECH coin is a peer-to-peer crypto currency or digital currency that allows you to make payments to anyone on the internet. Like most crypto currencies, STECH coin is a global payment network which is open-source and has no central authorities.

The STECH coin block chain can handle high volumes of transaction. Also, high frequency of block generation ensures that the STECH coin network can support multiple transactions without any modification to the software. This is a blessing for online merchants as they get quick confirmations and take multiple confirmation requests too.

STECH Coin is an agriculture based blockchain investment option. It is an innovative offering with an opportunity for investors joining us in the initial stages, to earn more than 200% on their investments. Being based on agricultural produce, it is a reliable product and is not affected by market volatility like other cryptocurrencies.

The conventional agricultural practice is not environmentally sustainable. India is one of the leading agricultural producers of the world and the last few years has seen a sharp rise in the demand for organic products for consumption and Ayurvedic treatments. This phenomenal growth in demand has opened up the gates to a huge market for crops like Moringa, Aloe Vera, Stevia, Rose, Kesar, etc. These crops typically start producing yield with 4-6 months of plantation and offer a commercial yield for around 10 years. Moringa, for example, yields 20 tons per acre in a year and sell at a rate of around ₹30-35 per kilogram. This translates to gross receipts of around ₹600,000 per acre per year!

STECH ecosystem endeavors to grow and supply natural and organic ingredients to manufacturers and buyers. With thousands of acres of land ready to be cultivated – through ownership and direct contracts with 1000+ organic farmers, and hundreds of orders waiting to be provisioned, STECH ecosystem is all set to thrive and prosper.