Business Mode

The business model of the STECH ecosystem is divided equally into two categories:

Organic Agricultural Products

Being an agriculture based block chain investment product, STECH coin endeavors to grow and supply natural and organic products to buyers and manufactures. Some such products are:

Aloe Vera
  • 40-45 tonnes of leaves per hectare
  • Marketing to Pharmaceutical and Herbal cos.
  • International demand due to its medicinal value.
  • Farming in dry areas
  • Once planted, it offers yield for 5 years
  • After the second year, 2-3 leaves can be picked
  • Normal irrigation
  • Warm tropical crop
  • Grows well in tropical and subtropical weather conditions with temperature between 15 and 28 °C
  • The pH value of the soil must be between 6 and 7.5
  • The drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation systems are best suited for rose farming.
  • 50k to 60k bushes per hectare
  • Best time to plant is between October and December.
  • Best time to plant is between June and September
  • About 150 flowers are needed to make one gram of dried saffron
  • The first year of plantation around 60% of corms will produce one flower each. The next two years, corms will give about 2 flowers each.
  • 400 trees in 1 hectare. However, only 20% trees are profitable
  • 1 tree gives 1 kg
  • 50-55 tonnes of pods per hectare
  • Spacing of plants- 3 meter between rows and 2 meter between plants
  • Field should be weed free for first 5 months. so monthly weeding is advisable.
  • Minimum 250 -300 fruits will be born out of single tree
  • So for about 666 plants * 250 fruits = 1,66,500 fruits per acre- even if you take single fruit
  • Weight on an average as 100 grams-you will get about 16-17 metric ton of fruit per acre
Development of Crypto Exchange

Ever since the advent of crypto currencies in our lives, there are increasing number of digital currencies available for investment. A Crypto exchange is the gateway to buying and/ or selling these currencies. At STECH CRYPTOCURRENCY, we endeavour to use 50% of the funds raised through the ICO to develop a Crypto Exchange. The features that we would strive to provide would include, but not be limited to:

  • Secure connections using the highest level of online security protocols available
  • Competitive transaction fees
  • Transparency of information regarding price and/ or volumes of coin transactions
  • Transaction in a wide range of currencies like USD, GBP, Bitcoins, etc.
  • User friendly
  • Seamless trading experience
  • Technical analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Market updates
  • Volatility alerts