1. What is ICO?

In simple words, an ICO [Initial Coin Offering] is similar to an IPO [Initial Public Offering] for shares. While in an IPO, organizations raise capital offering a share in return, in an ICO a coin or a token is issued in exchange of the investment

2. What is Pre-ICO?

ICO Presale or Pre-ICO is a coin / token selling event run by blockchain organizations before the launch of the ICO. Typically, investors get to benefit from discounted rates offered during Pre-ICO sales.

3. What is Blockchain technology?

The Blockchain is a digital ledger which can be programmed to store anything of value. Here is an example to help understand it better:

  • Mr. X requests a transaction online.
  • On receipt of the request by a Blockchain enterprise, the details of the transaction are shared to a peer to peer network which consists of computers or nodes.
  • The transaction and status of the user is verified by these nodes using certain algorithms.
  • On verification, a new block of data is created for the ledger by clubbing it with some other transactions.
  • This new block is then added to the existing chain of blocks (blockchain).
  • This blockchain is permanent and cannot be altered.
  • The transaction is thus completed

Cryptocurrencies are used to fulfil the transaction before verification is done by the nodes

4. Where does STECH invest the funds?

STECH Coin is an agriculture based blockchain investment option. STECH ecosystem endeavors to grow and supply natural and organic ingredients to manufacturers and buyers.

We have thousands of acres of land ready to be cultivated – through ownership and direct contracts with 1000+ organic farmers, and hundreds of orders waiting to be provisioned.

5. What kind of returns can I expect by investing in STECH Coin?

If you invest with us now – during the Pre-ICO phase, you can expect to earn more than 200% on your investment within 6 months!